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Meet our instructors – Marko Djurdjevic
Roaming Networks Training Center provides theoretical and practical training for working at height and has a mission to increase safety and make working at height…
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Roaming Solutions Group’s New Year’s Celebration 2022.
Cheers to the year behind us. Cheers to success in the year to come. We had a night to remember at our New Year's party,…
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Roaming Solutions Group 2022.
Year after year, we know what it takes to make the world a better place. We are sticking together. We are empowering each other. Roaming…
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Roaming Solutions Group’s New Year’s Celebration 2022.
Roaming Solutions Group 2022.
Celebrating 1000 employees around the globe
Roaming Solutions Group 2021.
Working as a Tower Technician at Roaming Networks
No Safety, No Work (Training Center)
Roaming Solutions Group 2020
ICT Infrastructure and Data Center
Passive Optical Networks and Access Systems
Radio Communications
Roaming Networks is growing! Join us all over the world!
Coronavirus prevention measures
Webinar “Digital Transformation talk”
Vrčin Training Centre
Roaming Group – Kid’s New Year’s Party
Roaming Networks 2019
Roaming Networks – Equipment donation
Roaming Networks Banja Luka – 10 years
Roaming Networks Banja Luka – 10 Year Anniversary Celebration
Family Day 2019 Roaming Solutions Group
Roaming Solutions SUMMER PARTY 2019
Roaming Networks donated equipment to the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Belgrade
Roaming Networks at TTBD 2019
Roaming Solutions Group 2018 – Kid’s New Year’s Party
Roaming Group’s first New Year’s Celebration
Roaming Solutions Group 2018
Roaming Networks Group – 10 YEARS
Roaming Networks – sky’s the limit!
Roaming Networks – Children are our future
Roaming Networks – 10 Year Anniversary Celebration
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