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Webinar: “Digital Transformation in Roaming Networks“
Find out first hand how our "adventure" called digital transformation looks like. Sign in!
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Webinar: “Digital Transformation in Roaming Networks“
Recent major world events, including the COVID-19 pandemic, have shown the necessity of thinking strategically about digital transformation and not using it only to put…
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Company’s future: Roaming Networks from students’ viewpoint
Roaming Networks and AmCham The Roaming Networks company was given the opportunity and honor to receive two great students, Bojana and Tatjana, for training through…
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Vrčin Training Centre
Roaming Group – Kid’s New Year’s Party
Roaming Networks 2019
Roaming Networks – Equipment donation
Roaming Networks Banja Luka – 10 years
Roaming Networks Banja Luka – 10 Year Anniversary Celebration
Family Day 2019 Roaming Solutions Group
Roaming Solutions SUMMER PARTY 2019
Roaming Networks donated equipment to the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Belgrade
Roaming Networks at TTBD 2019
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