Steering a multinational company requires our management to have common positions about many challenges, and to act together to attain all of our firm’s goals. Let us introduce the management of Roaming Networks:



RADE VUJOVIĆ is General Manager of Roaming Networks company from February 2014. Under his leadership, Roaming Networks is on a fast track to become the market leader, building up proficiency and strong market presence in the Balkans in four strategic lines of Telco business: Passive Optical Networks and Access Systems, Radio Communications, ICT Infrastructure and Data Centers and Technical protection system. During this time, Roaming Networks has also stabilized its profitability growth.   Before joining Roaming Group of companies, from 2012 until the beginning of 2014, he was Chief Executive Officer of Apex Solution Technology. Together with his team he successfully implemented the integrated information system for traffic management and fare collection in public transportation system of Belgrade and brought it to the EU standard level.   Previously, as the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Targo Telekom he led planning and construction of first FTTH network in Serbia. Before returning to various Telco business projects in Serbia, Mr. Vujović spent five years in Oman, where he led the development of packet core network and services layer in Nawras mobile and fixed network, member of Ooredoo group of companies, Oman’s leading customer friendly communications provider.   Mr. Vujović graduated from the Electrical Faculty of Electrical Engineering – University of Belgrade. After finalizing the graduate studies he successfully enrolled and completed postgraduate magisterial studies at the same University, and holds the Master of Science degree.

Rade Vujović

General Director

Tomislav Nešovanović has been Chief Commercial Officer at Roaming Networks since May 2017. Since April 2021, he also holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at Roaming Networks Montenegro. He previously served as Executive Director of Roaming Networks from April 2014. He has gained valuable and comprehensive experiences leading companies through business and structural transformations during the past twelve years in multinational companies such as IBM, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Abu Dhabi Marine Operations and Haya Water in various countries, such as the United States, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and KSA. During his career he has held the positions of Infrastructural Asset Manager, Project Manager for IBM and ORACLE ERP and Business Intelligence corporate solutions Systems. He was Principal Consultant for maintenance, procurement and inventory and Business Analyst in Water/wastewater, Oil & Gas and Telco sector. He is an Asset Management Expert and one of the pioneers in the development of PAS55 and ISO55001. As a member of the Institute of Asset Management he has been one of the key speakers in various government congresses in Asia on this topic. Mr Nešovanović holds a B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Belgrade.

Tomislav Nesovanovic

Chief Commercial Officer

LJUBOMIR KMEKIĆ, is Director of Roaming Networks, Bosnia and Herzegovina. For the past 4 years he had held the position of Business Development Manager in Banja Luka, where the subsidiary is located. Having in mind his wide range of knowledge related to the market, clients and technical skills, he has gained the opportunity to further develop thecompany’s portfolio in BH.   Before joining Roaming Networks, Ljubomir was developing his professional carrier as a mechanical engineer on the position of Executive director in project-orientated company Inter project, over the period of 10 years. Previously, he worked as President of Board of Directors at AD Zvornik Engineering. and at the very begging of his professional career as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade.   Mr. Kmekić graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade. After finalizing his graduate studies, he successfully enrolled and completed postgraduate magisterial studies at the same University and holds the Master of Science degree.

Ljubomir Kmekic

Director of Roaming Networks, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Vukasin Petrovic has been Roaming Networks Deputy Director since March 2020. Additionally, from March 2021 Vukasin also holds the position of Executive Director for PON. Prior to that, he gained experience at Inmek VS d.o.o., starting from the position of Commercial Technical Manager to the position of General Manager, where he participated in the construction, growth and advancement of the company. He was responsible for the control and management of the technical, financial and logistics sector, as well as the procurement and business development sectors where he was responsible for a large number of people. He has excellent organizational skills and ability to manage projects. Moreover, his interests are focused on humanitarian work and sports he has been practicing professionally. He holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Belgrade School of Electrical Engineering, with a major in Physical Electronics – Opto and Nano Technologies and Laser Technology.

Vukasin Petrovic

Deputy Director

BLAGOJE NEŠOVANOVIĆ is Director of Procurement and Logistic. Having joined Roaming Networks Team in February 2015, Blagoje is set to contribute to the overall functioning of the company with his vast experience in procurement, logistics and operational management. Prior to this, he spent three and a half years working for Pestan doo Aranđelovac, initially as Warehouse, dispatch and transport specialist, then WMS coordinator, moving to become the Head of stock dispatch warehouse, raw material storage, distribution centers and organizational desk. During his engagement in Peštan, Blagoje was handling very complex tasks and projects, such as the implementation of the SAP Warehouse Management System to improve operational performance. Mr. Nešovanović graduated from the Operational Management Department at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade. Key people responsible for sections of Technical Department

Blagoje Nesovanovic

Director of Procurement and Logistic

ANA VELANAC has been hired as a lawyer within the Legal Affairs Department of the Roaming Solutions Group, since February 2014. On daily bases she is responsible for keeping track of all legal activities of the companies.   Before joining Roaming Solutions, she gained rich legal experience working as an independent lawyer for more than seven years. She also worked as the Head of Legal and Personal Department in Jugotrade and Gas Invest. Throughout her career she has been involved in and responsible for a variety of legal activities, representing clients in front of courts and other state authorities, with focus on labor, civil and criminal law.   Ms Velanac graduated from the Faculty of Law (International Department), University of Belgrade. She has passed the Bar Exam and is also a member of the Lawyers’ Chamber of Belgrade, Serbia.

Ana Velanac

Attorney at Law

Ljubinka Lutkic holds the position of Executive Director of Radio Communications at Roaming Networks. Ljubinka joined the company back in 2009, starting from the position of Operations Manager. After that, she became Business Development Manager, then Director of Business and Sales Development. During her tenure at Roaming Networks, she led the preparation and contracting of major projects within the Radiocommunication sector, both in the domestic market and in the markets where Roaming Networks was starting and expanding operations: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Germany, Croatia. She has over 20 years of extensive work experience in the radio communications segment. She started her career by working in a project bureau, drafting project documentation and working on projects for the construction of base stations of mobile network operators, which was in its infancy. Ljubinka graduated from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, majoring in Electronics and Telecommunications. Ljubinka holds the licenses for the Responsible Designer and for the Responsible Contractor of Telecommunication Networks and Systems.

Ljubinka Lutkic

Executive Director of Radio Communications

DRAGAN TRAVICA has been Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Roaming Solutions Group since March 2020. With his already existing knowledge of the companies operating in the group, processes, potentials, resources and challenges, Dragan Travica, in collaboration with his team, continues to work towards achieving the company’s defined goals. He has been a member of the Roaming Networks team since 2014. He started from an important and responsible position of Technical Director, which he held for the first two years, and the last four years in the company he has been occupying the positions of Director of Operations and Executive Director for Radio Communications. During his more than 17 years in the telecommunications industry, he has gained significant technical and organizational experience. He worked as Technical Director at Apex Solution Technology during the implementation of the integrated traffic management information system, bringing it to the level of EU standard solutions. Prior to that, he has held the position of Telecommunication Services Planning and Maintenance Manager at Targo Telekom, as well as Manager at Packet Core and IP Network Planning at VIP Mobile in Serbia. Before that, until 2009, he worked as Mobile Communications Specialist at Nawras, Omani Qatari Telecommunications Company SAOC. DraganTravica has a Master’s degree from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade.

Dragan Travica

Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

NIKOLA PETROVIĆ is Chief Executive Officer in USA since December 2017. He started his career in 2011 in Roaming Networks and quickly proved himself as a reliable and trustworthy team member with the right attitude, constant initiative and great energy. Nikola’s efforts and involvement make him one of the people who have set the foundations of company’s strategic development in new markets and projects, having enabled successful start of our business operations in Austria. After three years spent in Roaming Networks and the successful and intensive work engagement in Austria, Nikola continued his professional development in Telenor in the field of planning and optimization of access networks. He possesses great organizational and people management skills, which adds great value to the high-level position he now occupies as the CEO, making sure that even the most demanding projects can be carried out with ease. He is also actively engaged in improving the telecommunications field in Serbia and the region. Nikola holds the degree of M.Sc.E.E. from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade.

Nikola Petrovic

Chief Executive Officer in USA

Milos Jerosimic is the Business Development Director for International Markets. He began his professional career in 2008 at Roaming Networks, and changed several positions over the years. He began his career development path as an engineer. In 2013, he was appointed Operations Manager, then he became the Head of Planning, Construction and Maintenance of Access Networks. After having proven to be an outstanding Business Development Manager, he became Director of Operations in Germany in 2018, leading one of Roaming Networks’ major European projects. Miloš has exceptional expertise in the field of radio and microwave access networks, but also the ability to solve complex problems in the shortest possible time, taking into account the stability and security of the whole system. He has qualities of a team player and experience of having lived and worked in an international environment. Miloš graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Department of Electronics.

Milos Jerosimic

Business Development Director for International Markets

MLADEN STEVANOVIĆ is the Executive Director for ICT Infrastructure and Data Centers at Roaming Networks. He has been a member of Roaming Networks team since 2017. For the past two years he has worked as a Business Development Manager in the field of IP/MPLS networks, where through his dedication and constant initiative, he has enabled the opening of new perspectives in the strategic development of the company. During more than 14 years spent in telecommunications industry, he has gained significant technical and organizational experience. For twelve years he has worked in several companies as a telecommunications expert in the field of design, implementation and integration of various networks and systems in the country and abroad. A thorough approach and the ability to quickly grasp problems and find optimal solutions in extremely complex situations enable him to cope with challenges within a variety of projects with ease. He is the holder of Cisco Expert-Level Certificate for Routing and Switching on IP networks. He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, majoring in Telecommunications. He is married and has two children.

Mladen Stevanovic

Executive Director for ICT Infrastructure and Data Centers

PREDRAG TRAJKOVSKI is Chief Operations Officer (COO) in Austria, leading the biggest regional project within Roaming Networks. Previously, he occupied the position of Chief Technician Officer in Belgrade, Serbia starting from the establishment of the Roaming Networks in 2008. Having this in mind and relying on his reach technical know-how, high level of organizational and interpersonal skills and proven problem solving attitude, he has been entrusted with leading and controlling all ongoing and new projects of Roaming Networks in Austria.   Before joining Roaming Networks, Predrag started his professional carrier as a telecommunication engineer on variety of Projects, including Nokia Siemens Networks, where he worked as Site Design Project Engineer on Telenor 3G RAN Project.

Predgrag Trajkovski

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Hrvoje Komericki has been the COO of Roaming Networks for Croatia and Slovenia since August 2019. Before joining Roaming Networks, he worked as a Senior Business Development Manager and a Senior Project Leader at I-New Unified Mobile Solutions AG, where he was overseeing the EMEAR region. While working at I-New Unified Mobile Solutions AG, together with his team, he successfully raised and launched several mobile virtual carriers in the region. Prior to that, he worked at Siemens and Nokia Siemens Networks, in different management positions related to technology and business development in the CEE region, and during that time cooperated with all major telecommunications operators in the region. He also spent part of his career as a member of Kate-Kom’s team, where he worked as Chief Software Solutions Development Architect and General Manager of the Software Requirements Specification Team for research and development of new software solutions in telecommunications. At the beginning of his career, he spent five years at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb as an Assistant at the Department of Telecommunications. During his work at the Faculty, he completed his postgraduate program and earned himself a Master’s Degree.

Hrvoje Komerički

COO of Roaming Networks for Croatia and Slovenia

DANIJELA DUCIC has been the Executive Director for Customer Relation & Sales Development since June 2020, after more than four years spent at the position of the Business Development Director at Roaming Networks. She is an engineer with extensive experience, proven skills in managing and nurturing client relationships, who is well acquainted with all lines of business in our company, as well as business processes. She joined Roaming Networks as the Business Development Manager in the Enterprise sector, where she spent a year establishing contacts with new clients, organizing new projects management and developing cooperation with new partners and vendors. After this, Danijela took over the position of Head of Business Development. During fifteen years spent in the telecommunications industry, she built her career in P.S.Telefonija jsc, first as the sales engineer, then as the Strategic Account Manager, and spent the last three years in the position of Head of Commercial and Technical Preparation at the Department of Information and Communication Technologies. Mrs. Dučić holds a degree from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade, majoring in postal traffic and telecommunications. Having built a career in the telecommunications industry, her focus is on nurturing good business relationships with the company’s strategic clients

Danijela Ducic

Executive Director for Customer Relation & Sales Development

Miljan Petković is the Capital Investment Director. Additionally, Miljan also holds the position of CFO at Roaming Networks Inc. Prior to taking this position, he was the Executive Director of Finance and the Roaming Solutions Financial Control Manager.

Miljan Petković

Capital Investment Director

Davor and his team of engineers and technicians transferred to Roaming Networks Security in 2019 (Roaming Networks Security changed its name to Roaming Smart Solutions in 2021) , where he has been in the position of Director ever since. He began his professional career in 1998 at TPP (Thermal Power Plant) Kosovo A in Obilić. In 2003, he started working as a leading Integrated Security System Engineer at Lunatronik. His hard work and advancement in this field have very quickly made him one of the best engineers in the country. In 2007, he moved to G4S Secure Solutions, where he worked as General Manager and Project Sales Manager. With his closest associates, in a short time, he managed to build a respectable team that quickly established itself on the Serbian market. They received numerous recommendations and praise from many international companies (Grundfos, Ericsson, Henkel, Cooper Tires, Bosch, Carslberg, Dr Oetker, U.S. Embassy in Serbia, etc.) for the projects they realized. He was born in Istok, Kosovo and Metohija, where he graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Pristina, majoring in Electronics and Telecommunications, as one of the best students of his generation. He is married and has three sons.

Davor Rajcic

Director at Roaming Smart Solutions

FILIP BANKOVIC has been Roaming Networks Chief Technology Officer/Executive Director International Markets Development since January 2021. Filip has over 20 years of international experience delivering state-of-the-art telco services in mobile, internet, video and fixed. He has extensive experience in planning, development, and maintenance of network infrastructure, and in the field of technology strategy, convergence, virtualization, automation, cloud technologies, digital services, and analytics. Filip previously worked at Telekom Srbija as Chief Technology Officer for eight years, during which time he participated in the management of the company.

Filip Bankovic

Chief Technology Officer/Executive Director International Markets Development

Robert Krendl has been Roaming Networks Head of Controlling, since January, 2022.

Robert lived and worked in Austria and, to join our team, he moved to Serbia. He studied Marketing and Sales at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. He has 30 years of experience in Finance and Controlling.

Robert has worked in management positions in startups and international companies in Europe and Asia. During his 15 years long career at Telekom Austria Group (A1), Robert has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in the telecom industry.

As the Head of Controlling, Robert’s key responsibilities and goals are to increase financial efficiency of the Roaming Networks Group’s operations, improve the organization of financial operations, control the implementation of annual business plans and operations in line with the Roaming Networks Group’s business policy.

Robert Krendl

Head of Controlling

Srdjan Tomasevic has been Roaming Networks Executive Director Tower Infrastructure since November, 2021.

Srdjan has years of experience in operations management, business sales and marketing, as well as managerial experience in the development of acquisition projects and operational business integration with a focus on the synergistic effects of acquisitions.

He was the B2B Sales Director at SBB, led the SBB/United Group International Data Wholesale, and was the CEO at Absolut Solutions for more than 10 years. Before that, he acquired almost a decade of work experience at Telekom Srbija in various positions, from Key Account Sales Manager to Head of Direct Sales.

Srđan completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Belgrade School of Electrical

Engineering. After that, he studied for his Master’s degree in Business Economics and Management at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade and the HEC Paris Business School (Master International de Management et d’Economie HEC Paris).

Srdjan Tomasevic

Executive Director Tower Infrastructure

Dejan Jovetic has been Human Resources Director since February 2022.

Dejan has more than ten years of experience in the field of human resources. He worked in multinational companies for various markets and managed teams in multiple locations. He began his career at Adecco, one of the largest human resources companies, and subsequently moved to PSI-CRO, a clinical trial company, where he was in charge of employee training and development on a global scale. Before joining our team, he worked for Hyperoptic as a Senior HR Manager. For four years in this company, together with his team, he supported the company’s development and growth of the number of employees by more than four times.

Dejan Jovetic

Human Resources Director