A Postcard from Montenegro

We present to you the usual working day of our colleagues in different countries where Roaming Networks Group operates, through their answers to several questions.

Meet our colleague Božidar Joković, Project Manager at Roaming Networks Montenegro:

What are the challenges and the advantages of working in the field in Montenegro?

As advantages of working in the field in Montenegro, I would point out that working outdoors improves the mood, relaxes us and fills us with positive energy. Then there is also socializing with colleagues as well as meeting many people of different interests, experiences and skills.

When it comes to challenges, being apart from the family is definitely one of them, working hours that usually last until the job is done, as well as work in the summermonths when the temperatures in Montenegro can be very high.

Could you share with us some anecdotes working onsite?

Currently, my job activities are mostly focused on the highway project, where the main contractors are Chinese. Since we haven’t had a chance to work with them before, there are a lot of interesting stories, but the one that I would like to point out is that we are very often guests at their camp for lunch break and although their dishes sometimes look a bit different than we are used to, they are always very tasty 🙂

Three of Montenegro’s most stunning natural beauties, in your opinion?

Montenegro is a natural beauty in itself, but I would single out the national parks Durmitor and Biogradska gora, as well as our entire coast..

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