A Postcard from Serbia

We like to make sure our colleagues are doing great, that is why we are always happy to receive a postcard from them!

Our colleague Denis Bajrami, Team Leader from Roaming Networks Serbia is going to share with us his impressions of working in Serbia.

 What are the challenges and the advantages of working in Serbia?

One of the advantages of field work is that we get to know our country better. There are places that I never would have visited and would not have known their beauty, if I had not done field work. Also, in addition to work, there is also socializing with colleagues, which contributes to our effectiveness as a field team.

Challenge-wise, every day in the field is different, so it is certainly a challenge, but I would also like to accentuate separation from our families.

Could you share with us some anecdote working onsite?

As I said, every day in the field is different, so anecdotes are never scarce :).

We were recently doing fieldwork at a location and we had a problem with navigation and the newly marked roads. We drove and drove and there was no way we could manage. In the end, it turned out that we were going in circles so much that at one point we came to a place where we had already been before. We all laughed out loud at all our troubles, but soon after that we managed to find the right path :).

In your opinion, what are the three most delightful natural beauties in the north of Germany?

Serbia is really a beautiful country, but I would single out, for example, Tara, Divčibare and the Ivanjica region.

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