We believe in benefits of dual education

We are one of the three companies in the telecommunications industry in Serbia, which are included in the project of dual education!

Dual education is a model of secondary vocational education that helps students acquire knowledge both at school and by working in a company. This program is implemented by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Development in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

In order to gain the right to participate in this project, we have passed a very complex accreditation, and all our mentors have been certified by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

In cooperation with the Secondary Technical PTT School, we enabled students, who opted for the educational profile – installer of telecommunications networks, to participate in an organized process of so-called learning through work at our company.

In the next two years, five students will have the opportunity to, in addition to the knowledge they will be gaining at school, learn practical and applicable knowledge in a real-work environment, in our company.

We are happy to have them on board!