Summer Vivaldi CMO Forum 2021, Serbia


It has been a pleasure to be a part of the Summer Vivaldi CMO Forum 2021 in Mokra Gora, Serbia!

Some of the most appreciated companies from Serbia have shared their business and marketing stories with the participants at this conference. We were thrilled to be invited by the Mokra Gora School of Management to share the story of how we managed to successfully implement a 5G network in the US and succeed in this market.

Rade Vujovic, the President of Roaming Networks Group, has talked about what is needed to thrive in the global market. How one company from Serbia managed to expand its business around the globe, with the strength and knowledge to compete with global leaders in the ICT industry.

Rade talked about mistakes and how we should perceive them in the business culture.

It’s okay to make mistakes, it’s an invaluable and inevitable part of every success story. We should not be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. In this way, we can expand knowledge and use it as the foundation for future business development. If you make mistakes, you increase the chance to create an outstanding product or service based on the new knowledge and insights you have gained, ‘

said Vujovic, and added:

‘Lessons learned are what make us stronger. They give us the opportunity to look at business problems from different perspectives. These new insights can be very important for further success in the market. Finding a goal that is crazy enough and taking the first step in its realization is a recipe for success in any market. Obstacles will appear, we will make mistakes, but success is inevitable. ‘

He also referred to cultural differences, which are also a key thing we should be aware of when we expand our business to new markets.

What are the people like, how do they think and do business in that market? We have learned a lot from doing business in the United States. We began to love and appreciate their work ethic, culture and attitude towards life and work. What we learned from them helped us to further progress in other markets in Europe, ‘concluded Rade Vujović.

We are looking forward to new adventures in the US and we want to encourage other companies from Serbia to try and dive into the opportunities this market has to offer.