5G IT-Hub at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad


Technologies are becoming an increasingly important part of our life. Every improvement in the field of ICT enables us to live our lives more efficiently and grow businesses faster and stronger.

At Roaming Networks, we look forward to implementing new technologies that will help our partners prosper and grow their business further, with no limitations.

Motivating students is another passion of ours. That is why we were happy to participate in a series of lectures for 5G Innovation and Technology Hub, as part of the ICONIC center in Novi Sad, Serbia. Moreover, we were thrilled that this lecture was the first live one at the Faculty of Technical Sciences after more than a year due to the pandemic. Finally!

We talked with them about the latest technology trends-5G, Cloud, Internet of Things, Open RAN, PON- and how our company is implementing them in several different markets, making positive changes for people and businesses.

What should they expect when they step into the business world of the ICT industry after they graduate? How do ‘Network’ and ‘IT’ come together, and how could students make the best use out of the combination of knowledge in these two fields? These were some of the questions we were happy to answer and further discuss with them.

We look forward to new live lectures and in-person discussions with students passionate about the ICT industry. We would love to welcome some of them into our team 😊