Roaming Networks Bosnia and Herzegovina donates to the Kindergarten “Budućnost”, Bileća

The company Roaming Networks Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to help the youngest.

We made all the users of the kindergarten “Budućnost” in Bileća happy, by setting up security cameras and covering the yard with video surveillance, which provides safe play for children and also raises the level of security for the kindergarten property.
In addition to video surveillance, and to the joy of the children, our company has provided new swings to the kindergarten yard, while a new monitor for the educational needs of the children has been provided in the premises of the kindergarten.

“Roaming Networks is a socially responsible company. We recognized the need of the kindergarten in Bileća. We want to help children and we are glad that our gifts mean something to them. We certainly work with video surveillance and we have found a way to do something useful for the community “, said the manager for business development in Banja Luka Dragan Popović.