A Postcard from Norway

Roaming Networks Group, as one of the leaders in the ICT industry, is constantly developing and expanding its business fields. In addition to its presence in the Balkans, Austria, Germany and the US, it has expanded its business to the Norwegian market. Although our colleagues do the same job, in different markets they encounter different ways of doing business and organizing daily activities. This provides them with not only a rich experience on a professional level, but also with an opportunity to get acquainted with different cultures and to experience the diversity of everyday life.

Our colleague Nebojsa Obradovic, Program Manager of our member company in Norway, breaks the ice:

What are the challenges and the advantages of working in Norway?
The challenge for the company, but also for most of the colleagues in the field, is that they have never worked in Norway before. It takes time to gain trust, so the quality of our work will have to prove that we are deserving of where we are and that we can be leaders in our field of work.

How does the working day of our team in Norway differ from the working day in the Balkan countries?
There isn’t much difference in the work itself, except that colleagues in the field have to follow the weather forecast every day to know what clothes to bring to the field, because rain is a regular occurrence here. It is also interesting that meals have to be planned in advance and groceries bought in the store, because there is no bakery of fast food stand on every corner as in for example Serbia. Norwegians are known for carrying lunch boxes and that is something we have to adjust to as well 🙂

Three of Norway’s natural wonders, in your opinion?
Most certainly – nature, clean water, and clean air. For all nature lovers, Norway is a real paradise. If you were to ask me what this country is like, I would describe it in one sentence – the whole of Norway is like one big Zlatibor 🙂