The donation of Roaming Networks Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Roaming Networks Banja Luka, has donated a system for non-contact measurement of human body temperature

Roaming Networks Banja Luka has expressed solidarity and responsibility with the entire community, by donating the system for non-contact measurement of human body temperature to the City Administration of Bijeljina and thus it has once again demonstrated readiness in the joint fight against COVID – 19.

At the time of the great pandemic, thermal imaging technology offers a smart solution, by simple, non-contact and precise measurement of human body temperature, especially suitable for implementation in hospitals, airports, schools, public institutions, etc. Roaming Networks Banja Luka has donated the SATIR CK 350-F model – a complete system which includes a thermal HD camera and a calibrator, which very accurately measures the body temperature of up to 16 people per second, and does not affect their flow, thus avoiding crowds and queues.

Through smart thermal imaging technology, Roaming Networks Banja Luka offers smart solutions for you and your employees, as well as the opportunity to be one step ahead of others, which is a matter of responsibility, not choice.

As a socially responsible company, we urge all citizens to strictly adhere to advice and instructions which come from the relevant institutions on a daily basis in order to preserve their own health and the health of other people.