COVID 19: “Humanity in the Age of Coronavirus” humanitarian campaign continued

Roaming Solutions Group’s “Humanity in the Age of Coronavirus” campaign was continued during summer.

Observing the current situation regarding COVID 19 pandemic, focus was placed on continuous support to health centres and hospitals across Serbia in the struggle against Coronavirus.

The Group donated medical equipment and materials to health institutions and COVID health centres in Belgrade, Kragujevac, Sremska Mitrovica, Šabac, Novi Pazar and Užice.
“We thank Roaming Solutions Group on a donation of a completely biologically safe cabinet for laboratory, with which we shall increase the level of the biological safety of the laboratory, as well as the number of analyses on carried out a daily level”, says Dr Nevenka Ilić from Kragujevac Public Health Institute.

In cooperation with health centres, the most necessary and urgent materials were donated: from flow meters with humidifiers for oxygen, video rigid laryngoscope, aspirator, mini centrifuges, through ECG devices, Deep Freeze, to surgeon gloves and other consumable materials for work with Covid patients.
“We thank Roaming Solutions Group as a socially responsible company for recognising, in these times of challenges, the need to help healthcare institutions that treat and take care of Covid patients”, said the Director of the Hospital in Sremska Mitrovica Dr Živko Vrcelj.

As a reminder, Roaming Solutions Group reacted at the very beginning of the pandemic procuring medical and IT equipment (more details HERE)

“At the very beginning of COVID 19 pandemic, Roaming Solutions Group prioritized the safety of its employees, their families and of society as a whole. In line with that, through humanitarian campaigns and donations, we wish to support all those who are on the front line of defence, and those are certainly employees in healthcare institutions. We are glad to be among companies who are able to help in these hard times and we hope there will be more of us, because it is our responsibility too to help the society in which we operate. Our goal is to create a preserve all those values that make us as humans and the society as a whole stronger”, says Rade Vujović, President of Roaming Solutions Group.
Roaming Solutions Group is continuing its humanitarian activities and, with its example, it also wishes to invite all other companies that are in position to join us.