Company’s future: Roaming Networks from students’ viewpoint

Roaming Networks and AmCham

The Roaming Networks company was given the opportunity and honor to receive two great students, Bojana and Tatjana, for training through the “Girls in Tech” mentoring program.
Early this year, the company applied to participate in the internship and mentoring program “Girls in Technology” organized by the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications and the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia, where the program provides professional training and empowerment of female students, through development of their skills, practice and mentoring support at information and communication companies. The program lasts four months.
Students of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering and Electrical Engineering of the University of Belgrade were given the opportunity to acquire their first professional experiences, practical knowledge and to be introduced to business processes through the program and through participation in workshops for personal and professional development and work on specific project tasks.
The corona virus outbreak seemed, at first, to threaten the realization of the plan, however all participants, both mentors and mentees, showed themselves at their best and overcame all challenges

Job after internship

Bojana Milosavljević, a fourth-year student at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, used the opportunity to go through all active projects in the Service for Planning, Construction and Maintenance of Access Networks through mentoring internship, under the mentorship of project coordinator Suzana Šuša. In this way, she saw firsthand what a business day in a global company looks like.
“With such a dynamic, challenging and well-managed team, as well as the full support of colleagues and my mentor Suzana Šuša, it is a great pleasure for me to get the opportunity after internship to stay and work in a company like Roaming Networks,” says Bojana, adding that during the internship, she was introduced to work in different phases of the project, which is nowadays of great help to her as a new employee at the company.
Her mentor Suzana Šuša says that she enjoyed sharing her own vast experience and acquired knowledge with someone who is at the beginning of her career.
“Bojana showed great interest and desire to learn and apply the gained knowledge in actual situations. On the other hand, through work with mentees, I get the opportunity to expand my own knowledge, “says Suzana.
Tatjana Tabandželic, a third-year student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Belgrade, completed her part of the program and internship at the Directorate for Passive Optical Networks and Access Systems. Her mentor was Vladimir Kovačević, quality control coordinator, who was deeply impressed by Tatjana’s commitment, interest in gaining new work experiences, as well as independent work on certain tasks.
“The role of mentor was of mutual benefit to both Tanja and me. I renewed my old knowledge and I must admit that I have gained some new knowledge as well “, Vladimir conveys his impressions.
Tatjana is satisfied with the internship at the company, the team and the environment. She is going to apply for a job as soon as he finishes the faculty.
“I am very grateful to Roaming Networks and my colleagues who were providing their assistance every day during the internship. Vladimir is always open to questions, he is ready to demonstrate projects from beginning to end, as well as to instruct me on the possibility of resolving all challenges. I would like after graduation to get the opportunity to use the gained experience in work on the company’s projects,” Tanja said.
During the course of the program, the students spent 120 working hours over a period of 4 months on internship in our company. During that time, they gained insight into the business, got acquainted with various ongoing projects, worked independently on some of them and thus gained specific knowledge in the field of their interest.

Training program “Engineer of the Future”

Roaming Networks has been organizing the “Engineer of the Future” training program for years. Since 2014, the company has been implementing two-month professional training, with theoretical and practical classes for graduates and undergraduates of technical faculties. During the professional training, participants get the opportunity to listen to professional lecturers for theoretical training, receive mentors with experience for the practical part of the training, as well as relevant documentation for acquiring knowledge in specific areas and equipment for practical work. So far, 226 students have been through the “Engineer of the Future” program, and out of that number, 192 are still employed by the company.