The donation of Roaming Networks, Enetel Solutions and Supernova

The donation of power banks for citizens who will be accommodated in the temporary hospital at the Belgrade Fair

In an effort to facilitate the stay of citizens who are fighting against coronavirus in the temporary hospital at the Belgrade Fair, the companies Roaming Networks and Enetel Solutions, along with cable operator Supernova, have donated a total of 3,000 power banks, one per each hospital bed. The donation has been realized in cooperation with the Crisis Staff and this type of help will enable citizens who are temporarily staying in hospital at the Belgrade Fair to use their mobile phones and other electronic devices freely during their treatment.
Our desire is to enable these citizens, first and foremost, to be in touch with their families and friends, as well as to freely use their mobile devices for fun and other activities, so that the time they are spending there would pass as quickly as possible.
As socially responsible companies, we urge all citizens to strictly adhere to advice and instructions which come from the relevant institutions on a daily basis in order to preserve their own health and the health of other people.