Roaming Networks rated among the top IT companies in the selection and recruitment process

Roaming Networks has been rated as one of the best IT companies in 2019 in the selection and recruitment process by the candidates who had applied for a job through website.

As in previous years, candidates gave their opinions on how companies organized the selection and recruitment process. Company’s interview scheduling, quality of the information received about the job, the speed of selection process completion, and the outcome of job interviews were rated from 1 to 5.

The biggest complaint this year, again, is the lack of feedback from the employer at the end of the recruitment process (almost 77% of job candidates). Job candidates both recognized and rewarded the companies which produced excellent results concerning cooperation, one of those companies being RN.

The research was conducted through HR Lab, a platform for comprehensive HR recruitment and selection solutions and with the largest group of recruitment sites. The survey evaluated 21,500 job vacancy announcements and 6,572 individual employers.

The results were published on December 13, 2019.