RNC Solutions on the project of 5G networkroll out in Austria

We are proud of the fact that a member of the Roaming Networks Group in Austria, RNC Solutions, in cooperation with our partner SPL Tele, has started a pilot project for installation and commissioning of 5G base stations in this country.

“We are one of the first companies in Serbia to work on 5G network roll out project. After five years of operations on the Austrian market and a large number of successful projects, the natural continuation was that our company was given the opportunity to participate in one such pioneering project of NOKIA for one of the largest mobile operators in Austria, A1 Telekom Austria”, said Rade Vujovic, general manager of Roaming Networks Group.

The director of RNC Solutions operations, Predrag Trajkovski, reminds us that, with the partner company SPL Tele, we have been working on projects for the modernization of all networks of mobile operators in Austria for the last five years.


The pilot project started in the first week of June, and more than 80 of our people are working on projects throughout Austria.