Roaming Solutions Group supported the humanitarian action of high school students

Roaming Solutions Group (Roaming Networks, Enetel Solutions, Clock Drive Games, Zero Gravity) supported the action of students of class III/1 of the Tenth Belgrade High School, to collect money for friends from the class who are not in a position to pay for a graduation excursion with their work and effort.

In the premises of Roaming Solutions, students gave a performance of part of the play “Koštana” and brought two artistic drawings and after the formal part, they tried their luck with employees in playing darts.

High school “Koštana” Sara (17) has been a member of the Folk Dance Ensemble “Šumadija 05” for 10 years.

– I am anxious before each performance, but when you know why you are doing something and with motivation, anxiety is irrelevant, she explains.

Her friend from the class Ksenija (17) worked on the drawings for more than seven hours. In addition to the portrait of her class teacher, the key motive in her works was friendship.

The entire Serbia was thrilled by the action of the high school students and our company could not remain indifferent to this noble action either.

– We help many people throughout Serbia whenever we can and since we are quite active on social networks, I saw their action last Thursday and we decided to invite them to our headquarters – explains Rade Vujović, general manager of the company.

Meeting with high school students took place on March 12th, 2019.