Careers Without Borders – Ionut Garoafa


At Roaming Networks Group, our employees are valued for their uniqueness. Being an international company and employing people from 30 countries means having colleagues and teammates of 30 different nationalities and cultures communicating and interacting, sharing experiences from various markets and corners of the globe.

Through an interview, we present to you our colleague, Ionut Garoafa, Project Coordinator at Roaming Networks Norway. Ionut is from Romania, and he was happy to answer a few questions for us:


Can you tell us more about your position in the company?

As Project Coordinator I am involved in the day-to-day operations of the assigned projects, coordinating project schedules, resources, equipment and related information. I am serving as an interface between team members and managers by organizing and communicating details related to a specific assignment or daily task. One of my interests is also liaising with clients for identifying and defining project requirements, scope and objectives.


How did you decide to move to Norway?

It was not a hard decision as I’ve worked here before, about 15 years ago, and for me moving to another country can strip you of all ideas you have of yourself, it challenges you in ways you had not imagined. You are just you now but without the language you wielded so well at home, struggling to find a place in a new culture and be open to all new ideas. In some ways this is great, it makes you really who you are, a sort of stripped-bare version of yourself. The truth about why I moved to Norway is much richer and more difficult to explain – there were a few reasons I moved here but now is way too premature to say if some have worked out and some have not.


What do you like the most regarding your job, and what are your challenges?

Ever since I’ve met Telecom, it gave me the best and unthinkable opportunities in trying to find and develop new skills and take on new responsibilities, helped me become so devoted and eager to reply to any challenge with professionalism, even more, when the tightest deadline ones occurred.


How would you advise someone who’s interested in moving to Norway?

Being a huge step for anyone, moving to another country, I would never advise in regards, as I believe we all are different individuals with different goals and concepts, grew up in different environments, have experienced different lifestyles societies and most of all we have different expectations.


How do you prefer to spend your spare time?

I enjoy pretty much the outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, swimming, and exploring sightseeing, but because most of my daily duties are very exhausting I prefer calm leisure ones: watching movies, playing board games, reading, or just sitting and relaxing.