Careers Without Borders – Nebojsa Obradovic

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It is our great pleasure to introduce our colleague, Nebojsa Obradovic.

Nebojsa Obradovic has been the Program Director in Norway since December 2020, where, with his attitude, initiative and boundless energy, he quickly proved himself to be a team member the company can count on. He has great organizational skills and the ability to take on the most demanding projects. He is working on improving the telecommunications sector in Norway.


How would you sum up your professional career?

I have had the good fortune to work in my profession from the beginning and to develop in the field of mobile telecommunications, through all positions.

I started working as a High Altitude Worker in Serbia, later I worked as a Mobile Telecommunications Technician, then as an Engineer, then Lead Engineer, and after that, I continued my career abroad as a Site Coordinator, Construction Manager, Project Manager and I am currently holding the position of Program Director.

That’s why I understand what employees face as well as their challenges in all positions, which makes it easier for me to find a solution to overcome all those challenges.


What challenges have you encountered during your career in Norway?

The challenges of working in Norway are usually related to difficult access to locations, as there are many locations where one has to walk, use an ATV, a snowmobile, or even a helicopter.

That’s why planning is so important, because you don’t want to forget anything, be it materials or tools, since going back to the location isn’t easy.

Another thing I would mention is driving, where you always have to be careful, because Norway is like a big nature reserve and it can easily happen that some wild animals are encountered on the road.


What do you like most about your job, and what are the challenges?

The most satisfying are certainly the results, especially when a new market opens up, as in my case was Norway. I was also in the US in the early stages of developing the company in that market.

It is also the toughest part, the biggest challenge, to establish everything from scratch and put everything on its feet, but when you can see the progress and there are results to show for it, then that success brings about great satisfaction.


How do you like to spend your free time?

I spend my free time usually doing sports or walking, and that’s how I maintain my body’s balance, namely my mental and physical health.