Roaming Networks and Charge&GO: Synergy for a Sustainable Green Future!

Our company has joined forces with Charge&GO to improve the network and availability of chargers for electric vehicles in our country. By investing in Charge&GO, this intention has evolved into an action plan that will contribute to the expansion of the network of EV chargers in Serbia and the region.

 With a larger number of chargers, there is a growing need for information about their location and availability. A digital platform and Charge&GO application are available for drivers to access chargers online. This platform facilitates the use of charging points for electric vehicles and drivers are already using it, and it will soon be available to electric vehicle drivers in the region.

 What is Charge&GO?

 The Charge&GO small team has been working on developing solutions for sustainable mobility for the past three years, and the result is Charge & GO – the first digital platform and application that enables fast and easy charging of electric vehicles. Leading people in Roaming Networks have already been working on research and development of electromobility, so they recognized the Charge&GO brand as an opportunity for joint growth and performance in new markets.

 The platform provides electric vehicle drivers with an efficient charging service and payment for the use of the charging points as well as an excellent opportunity for companies to remotely manage their network, which includes a number of services such as: charging control, charger monitoring, pricing, usage restrictions and charging session reviews.

 Thanks to collaboration with the Finnish Virta, Europe’s fastest-growing electric vehicle charging platform, users of the Charge&GO platform have access to more than 170,000 chargers in 30 countries worldwide that make up a global partner network.

 Expansion of the charger network will contribute to a larger number of electric vehicles on our streets, which will then reduce air pollution. This is great news, as there is a significant risk of detrimental impact on health due to inhalation and exposure to PM particles in polluted air, especially in urban areas where concentration of vehicles is highest. The development of electromobility is, therefore, very important as it can improve air quality.