Roaming Towers – digital pillars of the future

Roaming Networks Group has gained a new member – Roaming Towers, the company strategically engaged in the acquisition and construction of locations for mobile operators.

Director of Roaming Networks Group Rade Vujović pointed out that the new business concept in the telecommunications industry has been present in the world for several years and has thus practically become the standard. The most important link consists of telecommunications service operators, former telco operators, then new infrastructure operators for both mobile and fixed-line networks, and then service companies. This opens up new opportunities for business and growth of the Roaming Networks Group.

“Following the trends in the markets in which we operate in the world, we made a strategic decision to become an infrastructure operator in the telco industry. In that way, we will strongly support the development of 5G networks in the Balkans, and this business domain, which is new for us, will have the opportunity to develop strongly.”, said Rade.

CEO Srdjan Tomašević points out that Roaming Towers already has the initial advantage compared to any other company that would set this business because it stands out in terms of experience, knowledge, and strength of the entire Roaming Networks group.  

“The synergy that Roaming Towers and Roaming Networks have is unique in the region. With such strength, we are in a position to proactively create the development of 5G technology and definitely be a modern technological partner and leader of digitalization in the region. With our own digital applications, solar power, and state-of-the-art technology, we are fully prepared to implement digital towers in accordance with the latest telecommunications standards.”, pointed our Srdjan.

Using our own digital applications, solar energy, and active equipment, we are fully prepared to be a bearer of the development of a new generation of mobile telephony (5G). In the spirit of the slogan “Develop. Share.Connect.”, our youngest member will DEVELOP mobile infrastructure. SHARE the vision of a sustainable future. CONNECT a new digital world.