Life At Roaming Networks – Marek Gwalt

Our company established successful cooperation with AMS Wien, in order to help Austrian people to climb their way to the future working with unlimited opportunities in the telecommunication industry in Austria. This is also a great opportunity for our company to get the right candidates for the field-work job.

One of candidates selected during previous months in coordination with AMS Wien, Marek Gwalt, passed all necessary training, including technical training in our center in Belgrade, and currently, he is fully engaged in the field throughout Austria.

Through an interview, we present to you our new colleague, Marek Gwalt, Rigger in RNC Solutions.


How did you decide to become a tower climber?

I got a job offer from the AMS and I applied for it. It seems a very interesting profession since I have always liked climbing and working outdoors. Also, the opportunity I got from the AMS was great. I would recommend everyone to apply.


How would you, briefly, present your current job?

Climbing, assembling and documentation.

Excitement, agility and movement.


What do you like the most regarding your job, and what are your challenges?

Climbing various towers and roofs and getting down safely again. The challenge we’re facing is all kinds of weather, including rain, snow, wind and extreme temperatures.


How would you advise someone who’s interested in a tower climbing job?

If you enjoy working outdoors, are keen to travel, and are not afraid of heights. You are in.


How do you prefer to spend your spare time?

I enjoy cycling, reading and rc-model making.