Careers Without Borders – Aleksandar Kostic

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It is our great pleasure to introduce our colleague, Aleksandar Kostic.

Aleksandar Kostic has been Project Manager in the United States since November 2020. Aleksandar began his career at Roaming Networks in November 2018, where with his attitude, initiative and inexhaustible energy, he quickly proved himself to be a team member that the company can count on. He has great organizational skills and ability to tackle the most demanding projects and is working on making improvements in the field of telecommunications in the United States.

How would you sum up your professional career?

 I started working in the field of telecommunications as Team Leader. Thanks to my technical knowledge and good communication skills, I soon began to focus on leading several teams as Construction Manager. Owing to ambition and perseverance, working in different markets, improving procedures and working methods, I was promoted to Project Manager.

What challenges have you encountered during your career in America?

Adapting to a different work environment, as well as to a different standardization and methodology of building sites. Also, cultural differences in America are pronounced, at every turn you can hear different languages and get to know different customs and traditions. But as much as everything being different is a challenge, it is also an advantage.

What do you like most about your job, and what are the challenges?

Telecommunications is a dynamic field that is developing rapidly, so trends need to be constantly monitored. Every novelty is a challenge for me and the reason why I am in this profession. The result is constant learning, advancement and improvement, which makes the job itself very dynamic.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I spend my free time with my son. I also watch NBA and European football.