Storytelling, More than just work – Marija Đurović

Our female colleagues occupy a variety of positions, from managerial and engineering to field positions – side by side with experienced fellow riggers and technicians. Every day, their work contributes to business development, finding creative solutions and a more innovative approach to business.

Through an interview, we present to you our colleague Marija Đurović, the Director of the Business Development Department in Roaming Smart Solutions.

How would you, briefly, present your professional career?

After completing undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering I enrolled Master studies and employed at the company G4S, on the position Project Manager, where I worked for nearly ten years.

In the meantime, I obtained the licenses of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers for designing and implementing telecommunication systems. However, I have always been interested in managerial aspects of business, working with people, soft skills, so naturally, I changed the company and the position for this one where I work now.

What do you like the most regarding your job, and what are your challenges?

What I like the most is to work with people and my greatest challenge is working with people. 😊

There is nothing better than when you are surrounded by the people you trust and with whom you match on nearly every level. Then, every obstacle is only a challenge that needs to be overcome and nothing more.

Of course, fast changes in technology suits my personality, so that is the second best thing I like regarding my job. You always have to learn and to change.

Is it an advantage or a disadvantage to be a woman in a predominantly male industry?

The most expensive question :). It was very difficult at first. I had the impression that it was necessary for me to take much more effort for my performance to be valued the same, and then, when I overcame that obstacle, the rest of my career in the same environment became real pleasure.

Of course, from time to time, I meet prejudices, but as I am growing older, I tolerate them easier.

How would you advise your women colleagues who are just beginning their careers?

Be yourselves, work diligently on yourselves and on women’s solidarity, then, the previous question in this interview will be less relevant. 😊


How do you prefer to spend your spare time?

I prefer to spend time with my family on some beautiful journeys or in the countryside. When we have no time to travel, we spend time in Belgrade parks and forests or with good books or films.

Unfortunately, Covid has, distanced us a little bit from our friends, but I always try to find some time for them. The only one good thing which we have learnt from Covid is to take care of ourselves and our health and so I discovered yoga as the introduction to more peaceful mornings.