From Engineer of the Future to Department Director… Meet Uros Markovic

Uros came to our company in 2015 through the Engineer of the Future program, our internship, with theoretical and practical classes, which we have been successfully implementing for 8 years. Right after completing his internship, he started work as an Engineer. With his excellent work and commitment to various projects in Serbia and abroad, Uros was deservedly promoted to Project Manager shortly thereafter. He studied at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Telecommunications. In his spare time, he plays table tennis recreationally and is a passionate Fantasy Premier League player.

“The Engineer of the Future program enabled me to gain work experience and find a job in my field of work right after graduation. Through my work at Roaming Networks, I was constantly gaining new knowledge and progressing in the field of telecommunications, and that led me to the position of Department Director.” – Uros said.

We are especially proud of the young people we have in our ranks, their work, learning and effort, while we are happiest when we can support that progress. It is a great pleasure to have young leaders who have grown with us. Because our strength is in our people.

If you too want the opportunity to acquire knowledge in a dynamic environment and apply what you already know in practice, apply for our Engineer of the Future program.