Photo contest Roaming Networks Group

The beauty of working in the field is the great environment and nature all around. In order for all of us to look&feel that beauty, our company organized the photo contest “My Photo team”, with three types of photographs: photographs from the field, photographs of natural beauty, and photographs of places of cultural significance where field work is performed.

The most beautiful photos from the field were sent by team Family from Belgrade, Serbia, consisting of our colleagues: Živojin, Slaviša, Goran, Pavle, Vladanko, and Uros.

The most beautiful photographs of natural beauty were sent by team Ausländer from Norway, consisting of colleagues: Stevan, Miloš, Nenad, and Dejan.

The winning team in the category “Photographs of cities, monuments, and places of cultural significance where field work is performed“ is the PSSP team from Serbia, consisting of colleagues: Vladislav, Igor, Branislav, and Dragan. Photo location: Višegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We congratulate the winners and wish you to enjoy the view… As much as we did. 😊 It’s breathtaking! 😊