Roaming Networks Security at Adria Security Summit

Roaming Networks is constantly working on new product lines and new services. The youngest, but still very experience team, makes Roaming Networks Security, the new daughter company offering new partnerships and services regarding technical security services and much more than this. Roaming Network Security was the silver sponsor of Adria Security Summit and members of that team Davor, Vlada, Marija and Vlada were our representatives of our new service and product lines: early fire detection systems, public address system, video surveillance, intrusion, access control system, clock and display systems, and integration of it all. We are happy to announce opening of our new Building Management System Department as also part of Roaming Network Security.

Covering technical solutions with building smart systems, Roaming Network Security close the circle of all IoT solutions with rest of Roaming Networks company, which vendors are one of leading IoT manufacturers in the world. With one of them, Bosch, we took place in a workshop of applied artificial intelligence and machine learning in video surveillance systems.

The summit was held in Skopje, North Macedonia from 18th till 19th September.