ICT companies gathered around a common goal – Funds provided for students of Gymnasium to take part in the competition in Houston

In less than a month ago, since the announcement of the news that students of Gymnasium from Kragujevac have no means to travel to the World Championship in Robotics and Programming in America, all the necessary funds have been collected in record time and students can finally feel relieved.

Once again it has been shown that we can achieve much more together. A large number of companies and institutions in Serbia have joined the fundraising campaign that allowed young talents to go to this renowned competition, while five ICT companies from Serbia were unanimous in their decision to support youth and knowledge.

Roaming Networks, Enetel Solutions, Nes Communications, Saga and TeleGroup have jointly supported this action and contributed to the campaign of helping the students of Gymnasium to travel to Houston and present themselves in the best light.


Kragujevac team “PKGang” worked on the Food – inhaler project which they will present at the competition. The project is based on a small device that enhances the taste of food for people with weakened sense of taste and smell. This device can also be used by astronauts, which was the initial question and idea of the project “How do astronauts feel tastes?”.

The competition will be held in the period from April 17th to April 20th, and children will be able to present their project in addition to getting acquainted with new trends and the most current discoveries in the field of robotics.

All that is left for us is to tell them that we are proud of their work and effort and we wish them a nice trip!