Roaming Networks at World Sustainable Energy Days 2019 conference

Roaming Networks Sales Engineer, Dusan Mirkovic, visited the European Energy Efficiency Conference dedicated to energy efficiency that was held within the framework of the World Sustainable Energy Days 2019 manifestation devoted to sustainable energy.

“Energy efficiency first and foremost” is the essence of European commitment to transition to sustainable energy. Change of sustainable energy share in the total consumption will inevitably transform the European energy market. Our colleague, Dusan, had the opportunity to learn about the European Commission for Energy Efficiency values which are based on the reduction of gas emissions, saving and using renewable energy sources, better air quality and everything that leads to environmental protection.

As a company that embraces the latest innovative technologies that aim to protect the environment, we pay particular attention to the knowledge of reducing energy consumption through greater efficiency, as well as through reduction of energy demand – i.e., rationalization of consumption. We also learned about new individual solutions that we could offer on future projects such as: various software tools for simulations and modeling of energy-efficient systems, new technical and technological solutions, as well as new platforms in the e-mobility market.

The Conference was held from February 27th to March 1st, 2019 in Wels, Austria, the European „capital of sustainable energy”.