Roaming Networks donated equipment to the Faculty of Electronic Engineering at the University of Nis

Equipment donation to the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Nis was presented at the faculty premises on Thursday, October 25, to help improve the quality of higher education.

This year marks the Roaming Networks 10-year anniversary and one of the strategic management decisions is to support higher education institutions in Serbia.

During the equipment handover, Roaming Networks Chief Technical Officer, Marko Garic, said that our company recognizes the work and effort the academic staff invest in faculty students and that we have great young engineers in our company who graduated from this Faculty in Nis.

“Along with company growth, the need for many highly educated professional staff grows as well. Our goal is to let students know that we are here to support them and give them an opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired at the faculty to practice“, he stressed.

Associate Dean, Boban Veselic, Ph.D., expressed his gratitude to Roaming Networks.

“We are very pleased that such a large company recognizes the importance of educating young people in Serbia. Roaming Networks provides our students with a chance to advance their practical skills as well as with job opportunities. A big thank you to Roaming Networks for the donation that will help our students to further their knowledge”, the Associate Dean concluded.