Roaming Networks and Enetel Solutions Representatives at the European Parliament of Enterprises 2018

Serbian Chamber of Commerce organized for Enetel Solutions and Roaming Networks representatives, Sandra Drača and Dušan Mirković, to visit the European Parliament of Enterprises 2018 – EPE 2018.

The Parliament (EPE 2018) brought together more than 750 representatives of companies from 45 European countries who had the opportunity to become its members for one day. Entrepreneurs gathered to debate and vote on some of the crucial issues that are currently at the heart of the political debate: professional skills (education), trade and the future of the EU.

It was a true privilege to be equal members of the European Parliament, share our experiences with businessmen from other countries and participate in debates that are beneficial to all Serbian entrepreneurs. Also, with the assistance of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, we sent a message to the European Union that Serbian economy deserves a fair place at the table, along with other EU members.

Parliament met in Brussels on October 10, 2018.