Roaming Networks donated equipment to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade

To improve the quality of teaching higher education and professional development of young engineers, an equipment handover ceremony was held on Wednesday, May 30, at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade.

The Roaming Networks Group General Manager, Rade Vujović, stated that the support the company wishes to provide to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and to the Department of Telecommunications is a natural continuation of long-term cooperation through professional education and practice programs in the field of telecommunications in Roaming Networks.

– The Fourth Industrial Revolution, marked by the digital business transformation, sets very high demands on the sphere of telecommunication networks modernization. Consequently, information technology rapid development is naturally followed by the accelerated development of telecommunication networks. In Roaming Networks Group, we daily witness and actively participate in such parallel processes that require many highly educated and well qualified engineering personnel. For this precise reason we want to strongly support both professors and students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering who represent the driving force of digital transformation. We would like them to remain to live and work in Serbia and to be the flag-bearers of the industrial revolution in their home country. We wish for them to have the opportunity to work together and prosper in domestic companies that can provide them with good projects both in the country and abroad – said Vujovic while presenting the donation.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering Vice Dean, Milo Tomašević, expressed gratitude for the donation on behalf of the Faculty and pointed out the importance of cooperation between the faculty and the economy.

– We are pleased that Roaming Solutions Group companies, such as Roaming Networks today and Enetel Solutions previously, recognize the importance of strong cooperation between the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the economy. In the upcoming period, we shall intensify work to ensure that our cooperation includes even more joint projects and practices with companies like yours. At our faculty, we readily refer our students to companies that offer them the opportunity to do a job for which they have been educated with equal opportunities for development and success that they would get abroad. – Tomasevic stated.

Former students of this faculty who are now Roaming Networks Group engineers occupying leadership positions and working on international projects were also present at the donation ceremony at ETF.


This year marks the 10th anniversary of Roaming Networks (successful) business, and one of the management’s strategic decisions is that the corporate social responsibility will be directed toward supporting young people in Serbia in education and sports.

– Part of our mission is to support domestic scientific institutions and higher education of young people. In the upcoming period, we plan to expand cooperation with the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Belgrade and the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš. By doing so, it is our intention to motivate other Serbian companies to take similar steps, in the interest of Serbian wider community and the development of its economy. – said Vujovic.