Roaming Networks expands into German market

We are proud to say that in July we commenced two mobile telephony projects in the German market.

Following our successful engagement in Denmark, where we have partnered with Huawei to modernise the landline network of national telecommunications operator TDC, our teams have begun work to update mobile networks for two of Germany’s largest telecoms companies, Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica.

In the course of our long-standing co-operation with SPL Tele we have proven time and again that our work meets the highest criteria and stringent standards in force in the European Union. Our partners have therefore again relied on us to support Nokia Solutions and Networks Germany on these two projects by planning and implementing the integration of telecommunications equipment into the radio and microwave access networks of the two major telecoms providers. We envisage hiring over 50 design, project management, and technical services staff to deliver these services.

Our development vision remains rooted in expanding to cover the markets of other European countries, with a strong focus also on opportunities in Asia, in particular the Middle East and Iran. We are planning to annually introduce one new line of business and expand into one new national market, where entry will be followed by long-term growth.